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 RedMoonTwisted Information

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PostSubject: RedMoonTwisted Information   RedMoonTwisted Information Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2008 1:14 pm


In this topic we are going to explain you what the twist is and why there is a twist, in this Redmoon Server.

Please note: We can't tell you everything about the twist because we want you to seek out yourself.

RedMoonTwisted is a 3.8 server with 3.9 skills, we have to tell you that the 4.4 skills will be introduce in this server as soon as its ready + if there are alot of 800+ players.

Major changes:
-Instead of the 1x exp we made the server run on 1.5x exp + some monsters give more exp then 1.5x because we think they had to be more balanced.

-We have added 2 new maps in the game. Its your job to find out where they are, we can only tell you that the first map is for 700+ players(If you want to find them read our Redmoon story line). The reason why we added 2 new maps is to break the long way from 600 to lvl 1000!
Please note, one of the maps is a group map you wont survive there on your own!

-We edit all bugged skills and made some characters more attracted by giving them some new skills.

-Destino, the space ship commander, will help you get to signus and down to earth.

-Azlar,Philar,Kitara can use Nauthiz helm.

Small changes:
-We have added a small drop of carbs trough all the maps.

-Be sure to kill supers from time to time.

-The dura trader is online(during the first event of RMT the dura trader will be down).

-We changed the whole dura drop, duras are now unlikely to be found in lower maps and can easily be found in higher maps.

-We have a low uni drop rate, BUT THEY DO DROP!!! Same for sunset, THEY WILL DROP!!!

When the server is down we will count the downtime(except from reboot)! Every hour downtime is 2 hours dbl exp at the end of the month with a max of 48 hour!!!(we will let you know more about this in the future)!!!

*We wil also reward players for giving information regarding cheating/hackers!!!*

******************This rule is no longer active****************

More info on:


We can't tell you anymore.

Have fun finding your way trough the Twist.


Game Masters RedMoonTwisted
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RedMoonTwisted Information
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