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 RedmoonTwisted Information about how the GMs think.

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RedmoonTwisted Information about how the GMs think. Empty
PostSubject: RedmoonTwisted Information about how the GMs think.   RedmoonTwisted Information about how the GMs think. Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2008 1:51 pm


We currently have 2 Game Masters(GM):GMTwist and GMOldSchool. We will try to find a few GC anytime soon.

We want you to know how we feel about this server:

We have 2 main reasons why we wanted our own server: 1. We are both(GMTwist and GMOldSchool) studying to become a software engenirer we needed a school project to work on, so we thought why don't we make our own server and make this a part of our school project. 2. After like 8 years of playing Redmoon we felt like we should make our own server. This combination (if you believe it or not) gives us the uppertunity to create a very stable server. We will not bring this server down within like 2 months and let it die forever, we will just put more and more in this server to make all things work for everyone.

Some people asked us/told us: Well you can't say this server will be stable because you might have to deal with hackers/hardware problems/lag(internet problems) etc.

Our answer/solutions to that:
Hackers: It might be a little bothering and stupid but we will not make an online add account page you have to mail us about getting an account + we will not make an online ranking system! The reason for this is: Hackers/cheaters can easily go into our database trough this online gates, and since we don't want our server/school project to be screwed we won't let that happen. We know players would have to wait for his/her account but we give you a "within 24 hours" service.
Hardware problems: Our server is located in one of our homes we can fix hardware problems real quick! We might need some donation to help the server get better hardware because our own budget isn't so high, but we will figure that out.
Lag: We told you that the server is located in one of our homes on a pretty good cable internet connection but it can always be better! So we will see in the future what is going to happen regarding donation so we might be able to get better internet connections.

If you have any other questions or want to tell us about Redmoon/RedmoonServer you are more then welcome to mail/msn/post a topic!


Game Masters RedmoonTwisted
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RedmoonTwisted Information about how the GMs think.
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